Why did I receive a text message?

In 2020, alongside the handwritten letters sent by volunteers to voters, Vote Forward is also sending follow-up text messages to some voters. These messages are intended to check in with voters, to ensure they've received their handwritten letters, and to provide further encouragement to vote. If you received one of these text messages, it means you were randomly selected to be included in this program. 

Below, we respond to a few questions you might have if you received a message:

Who is sending me this text message?

The text message you received came from a volunteer who is passionate about encouraging people to vote. (Yes, they are real people - not robots!) We use a partner organization's platform to help volunteers send these text messages.

Why do you have my cellphone number?

We rely on a third-party data source for cellphone numbers.

Why was the text message I received addressed to someone else?

As mentioned above, we rely on a third-party data source for cellphone numbers, so it is possible that you may have received a message for someone else because that data was inaccurate or out-of-date. We strive to use the most accurate information we can, but it is not perfect. If this happened to you, we apologize, and please feel free to ignore the message.

I don't want to be texted. How can I opt out?

To opt out, just reply "opt out" or "unsubscribe" to the text message. 

I opted out of Vote Forward letters on your website, but then I got a text message. How is this possible?

We have tried to remove everyone who opted out of Vote Forward letters from this texting program. However, depending on when you sent your opt-out request, we may not have processed it in time to remove you from the texting program. Regardless, you will be removed from all Vote Forward communications going forward.