What's the difference between the "thank you" campaigns and the letters to Texas?

Vote Forward is running two different experimental campaigns right now, and all letters—to Georgia, Virginia, and Texas—mail anytime between now and April 15th.

In Georgia and Virginia, we're writing "thank you for voting" letters to new and infrequent voters who voted in the 2020 general election. These letters are part of a Vote Forward Labs experiment to test whether a letter expressing gratitude and encouraging future voting can help new and infrequent voters make voting a habit. There are Social and Political Campaigns for both Georgia and Virginia, and the templates use the usual "I vote because ..." prompt for your handwritten message.

In Texas, we're writing letters to Democratic-leaning voters in Texas' 6th Congressional District (TX-06) as part of a Vote Forward Labs experiment. Some TX-06 voters will receive our standard “please vote!” templates, and some will be encouraged to “vote triple" — i.e., to ask three friends or family members to vote too. Since we need both types of letters to be sent in roughly equal numbers for this experiment, all the letters will be part of a single Political Campaign, with the template assigned at random. The usual "I vote because ..." prompt is used on both templates for your handwritten messages. This campaign is labeled a "priority campaign" because the special election is fast approaching. Election Day in TX-06 is May 1st, with early voting starting on April 19th.

Vote tripling as a tactic showed a lot of promise last year; if we can demonstrate an effect through the mail it will be a powerful new tactic for Vote Forward.