What is "vote tripling"?

"Vote tripling" is a GOTV tactic that has shown strong results for increasing voter turnout by spreading voting encouragements through existing social connections. 

For vote tripling actions, voters, or "triplers," are asked to remind three friends or other contacts to vote. By drawing on social networks, GOTV messages are spread by messengers who are already known and trusted, and can reach potential voters who might otherwise be difficult to identify or contact. Besides the positive effects on triplers’ contacts, vote tripling also offers triplers themselves an opportunity for political engagement that is active, organic, and social (rather than the relatively impersonal engagement of traditional phone banking or canvassing).

This article describes how vote tripling, as a GOTV tactic, showed a lot of promise in 2020. To our knowledge, this tactic has never been adapted for letter writing. Vote Tripling, the organization, has experimented with a postcard chase that follows an initial tripling recruitment, but has never tried to recruit triplers through the mail. This experiment will represent the first test of whether it is possible to induce voters to vote triple via letter, and how the overall impact of such a campaign compares to our standard GOTV campaigns.