I'm writing Virginia "please vote" letters. When should I mail?

For Virginia, “please vote” letters mail on Saturday, October 16. 

We're writing and stockpiling two types of letters for Virginia, so if you're not sure if you wrote "please vote" letters, check the Voter List cover page that printed with your letter templates. That page not only lists all of the voters in that batch of letters, but also the type of letters and the mail date for that batch. If you wrote "please vote" letters, it will say: Please Vote: Virginia 2021 General Elections -- Mail on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

By mailing “please vote” letters on October 16, your letters will arrive more than a week before Election Day, when your voters will have options: voting early in-person through October 30, returning an absentee ballot before 7pm on November 2, or voting at their polling place on November 2.