Is it possible to make my voter record private?

This depends on your state and the reason you wish your to keep your voting record private. 

Your state may have a program that would allow you to keep at least part of your voter record confidential. According to an article published on FindLaw, people who qualify for protection include:

  • Victims of domestic violence – every state EXCEPT GA, IL, MI, SC, SD, TN, WY
  • Crime victims, people with protective orders, and family members – TX, OK, NY, MD, KS, HI, VA, DE, CA
  • Law enforcement officers – VA, OK, MT, MO, MD, LA, HI, CA, AZ
  • Spouses of law enforcement – TX, OK, HI
  • Reproductive healthcare medical providers, employees, volunteers, or patients – CA
  • Retired state and federal judges and attorneys – VA, TX, OK
  • Foster parents – VA
  • Uniformed service members – OK
  • Pre-registered voters under the age of 18 - CO
  • Victims and witnesses under protection – MO, MD
  • Any voter who requests that their record be classified as private – UT, NV, DC, AK, AZ

For more information, contact your state's election officials.