Why aren't we using a return address?

Return addresses are not required on first-class letters, per USPS. Return addresses are used to tell USPS where the sender wants the mail returned if it is undeliverable. The USPS Mail Recovery Center (formerly the Dead Letter Office) is equipped to recycle or dispose of returned first-class mail without a return address that is undeliverable.   

Vote Forward's list vendors will be updating the voter lists we're using for current campaigns before we run future campaigns in these jurisdictions, so we've determined that efforts to collect returned mail or review bad addresses would be largely unproductive for these mailings. 

If you wish to use your own address for the return, that is always an option. If not, please write your first name and last initial on the first line, and Vote Forward on the second line in the space where the return address would ordinarily appear on your envelopes. Here is an example:

Mandy P.
Vote Forward