I'm a permanent resident. How do I handle the pledge to vote when registering?

Vote Forward welcomes the participation of permanent residents / green card holders. Our system is primarily used by US voters, so in your case, when registering, you would treat the "Do you pledge to vote in every election?" question as: "Do you pledge to vote in every election for which you are eligible?" There is no way at present to skip that question and still create an account. This registration information is for internal use only, and is not shared.

Our letter templates are not editable, but you may handwrite an edit to make the letter prompt for your handwritten message a better fit. For example, if the prompt is, "I vote because ...", you could strike through that and handwrite, "If I could vote in the next election, I would vote because ..." or some other statement that would serve as a useful prompt for your nonpartisan handwritten message.

We do hope you will join our letter writing effort!