I mailed my letters. Why am I getting reminder emails?

We appreciate you getting your letters in the mail before the mailing deadline. The likely reason you're still receiving reminder emails is that you have not yet marked your letters "sent" on your dashboard. This is the only way that we can know your letters are in the mail, and the only way to avoid reminder emails.

To do this, please log in to your Vote Forward account, and go to your dashboard

First check that your letters are marked " prepared." 

For campaigns with a fixed mail date: On the mail date, your buttons to mark your letters "sent" become active on your dashboard. They are grayed out until that date.

For campaigns with a rolling mail date: You can mark your letters "sent" as soon as you mail them. 

To mark your letters "sent": Use the gray "In the mail? Mark letters sent" button to mark all your letters "sent" at once, or the right-facing green arrow button next to each voter's name to mark your letters "sent" one at a time.

"In the mail? Mark letters sent >" Button

Video Demo