How do I mark my Letter Kit letters "sent?"

Letters can only be marked "sent" on the mail date, so please hold letters until the mail date, and then after you mail, log in to your Vote Forward account to mark your letters "sent." This helps volunteers keep track of their letter writing progress and ensures that our counts are accurate.

If you prepared and mailed Letter Kit letters, your kit has its own dashboard buttons to mark letters "prepared" and "sent."

Be sure your letters are marked "prepared." 

To mark your Letter Kit letters "sent" all at once
, please click the gray "Mark all sent" button (see below). This button is only active on or after the mail date.

To mark Letter Kit letters "sent" one at a time, click the "View individual letters" button. This will show all 20 voters in the letter kit. Click the green "Sent?" button for each voter to mark that letter "sent" (see below)