I'm writing letters. What is the mail date?

Most Vote Forward campaigns have a single mail date, and we ask volunteers to hold their letters until that date to ensure their letters have the greatest possible impact. The dashboard buttons to indicate when letters are in the mail are grayed out until the mail date as a reminder to hold them until then. 

A small number of Vote Forward campaigns have rolling mail dates. For these campaigns, the dashboard and "campaign card" will state the mailing deadline, or the date by which letters should be mailed for that campaign. For rolling mail date campaigns only, mailing earlier is better. 

Please check the mail date as you get started on any campaign and add it to your calendar. You can find the mail date for your letters in a few places:

  • If you printed the Voter List cover page with your letter templates, you'll find the mail date for that batch of letters listed about one-third of the way down the page, and it's underlined. 
  • You can also find the mail date on your dashboard. The mail date for each voter's letter is listed by the voter's name. 
  • Another place where you'll find the mail date is on the "campaign card" for the campaign you're working on, and all of those can be viewed on the Active Campaigns page.

No matter what type of mail date the campaign has, the final step, after you mail, is to log in and visit your dashboard to mark your letters "sent." This is a critical last step. It ensures that your account is up-to-date and it's the only way that that Vote Forward team can know that you mailed your letters.