What if voters move?

To help ensure that Vote Forward letters reach their intended voter, we target likely homeowners with lengthy residencies first since letters written early in the year will be stored until we mail in the fall. Starting in early fall, when we typically write the most letters, we’ll add likely renters, who are more mobile and more likely to move during the year, to our campaigns.

We update voter lists for each Vote Forward campaign when we receive new files each month, and we run these addresses through a National Change Of Address (NCOA) validation to catch voters who have alerted the post office that they're moving. If voters update their address, they are included in these updates; so if they moved and updated their address, they will receive a letter at their new address. As voter registration deadlines approach, more and more voters update their registrations, and with the NCOA validation and monthly voter file updates, we should reach these voters at their new addresses.