Will letter recipients confuse Vote Forward and the Forward Party?

The Forward Party started as a political action committee in October 2021, and has not been a significant part of our political discourse. While there has been some media coverage of the newly formed political party, please keep in mind that we’re writing letters to voters who tend not to be politically active, so we feel there is little chance that the Forward Party will be part of their discourse and thereby confused with Vote Forward. 

At the bottom of each Vote Forward letter template, we include our website URL plus a note that explains our organization and says that the letter was prepared by a Vote Forward volunteer. It reads: A volunteer wrote and sent this letter through Vote Forward, a nonprofit organization that serves volunteers who want to help fellow Americans vote. If you are concerned about potential confusion where “Vote Forward” is written on your envelopes, we encourage you to add the word “volunteer,” so your voters will see “Vote Forward volunteer” beneath your first name and last initial.

To help ensure there isn’t confusion between Vote Forward and the Forward Party among letter recipients, we’ve added a note to our Overview for Letter Recipients, which is available on our website to provide information about Vote Forward to voters who receive letters.