I'm having trouble logging in. What can I do?

Here are a few of the issues that you may be experiencing:

  • Haven’t signed up yet? Sign up for an account first. We’ll ask for your name, email address, and zip code, and the approval process takes about 24 hours. Once you receive your welcome email, you’ll be able to "adopt" voters and print letter templates.
  • Just signed up? The approval process takes 12-36 hours, and you’ll get an email when your account is approved. (Check your spam folder if it’s been longer, or just try logging in anyway.)
  • My password doesn’t work! This might happen if you signed up using your Facebook or Google account; if you did, you’ll need to use the same method to log back in. Try logging back in, but using your Facebook or Google account instead, if that’s what you used to sign up.
  • I can’t reset my password! If you signed up using a Facebook or Google account, there’s no password to reset. Try logging back in using your Facebook of Google account, whichever one you you signed up with.
  • It just won’t work! Try to log in using a a different browser, particularly if you’re currently using Microsoft Edge, with which some volunteers have reported problems. The site has been tested most thoroughly in Google Chrome, so please give that a try if you’re not already using it. You may want to try a private or incognito window. 

If you're having no luck, or aren't sure about the method you used to create your account, you can ask our Helpdesk team to look up your account. Please send an email to help@votefwd.org.