What if I think a voter's address is incorrect?

Our mailing lists come from state election offices; we're essentially looking at a live view of the voter rolls. It is possible that you've found an example of why some letters don't make it to the intended voter, but it's difficult to know whether the source you used to check this information is systematically more reliable than voter files. We update voter lists for each Vote Forward campaign when we receive new files each month, and we run these addresses through a National Change Of Address (NCOA) validation to catch voters who have alerted the post office that they're moving. If voters update their address, they are included in these updates; so if they moved and updated their voter registration, they will receive a letter at their new address. We're hopeful that as voter registration deadlines approach, more and more voters update their registrations. 

We appreciate you using the address we provide because it comes from official state voter rolls. If you would prefer that we remove this voter from your account, please be sure this voter is in the “Letters to Print and Prepare” column on your dashboard, and then email us at help@votefwd.org to let us know which voter you would like removed (please include the voter's address as reflected on our system). If this voter is in your “Letters You’ve Prepared” column, please use the left-facing green arrow button beside the voter’s name to shift the voter to your “Letters to Print and Prepare” column.