My list of voters has disappeared. What do I do?

The first place to check is your "Letters You've Prepared" column. Volunteers often mark their letters "prepared" by mistake before they download and print their templates.

Letters are only downloadable/printable when they're in the "Letters to Print and Prepare" column (this is where they're listed when you first "adopt" voters). To get letters back to that first column so you can use the blue "Download and print these letters" button to print, you can use the left-facing, green arrow button beside each voter name to shift the letters from your "Letters You've Prepared" column to your "Letters to Print and Prepare" column. Here's a quick screen-grab that shows how those buttons work.    

If your missing voters are not in your "Letters You've Prepared" column, is there a chance you have a second account on Vote Forward? Perhaps using a different email address or a Facebook or Google login? Are you working with another volunteer or group? If someone may have supplied you with letters at some point, the voters are likely in that volunteer's account. If our Helpdesk team can assist you with locating your voters, please send us an email at