I adopted voters from one state but got voters from another state. What do I do?

When you first log in, the system suggests a campaign for you to work on and pre-selects it on your dashboard. If you click one of the "adopt" buttons as soon as you land on your dashboard, you will "adopt" voters from the default campaign, which is always the one with which we need the most volunteer help to complete. 

If you do not wish to write letters for the default campaign on your dashboard, click the View all active campaigns link beneath the "adopt" buttons. Once you do that, you can choose another campaign. If a campaign is closed, you will need to select an active campaign using the View all active campaigns link to keep the letter writing going.

If you are not planning to write letters to the voters you adopted, email us at help@votefwd.org to request that these voters be released from your account so another volunteer can write to them. In your email, please provide the name of the state, the number of voters to release, and, whenever possible, the approximate date and time that they were "adopted."