I don't have a printer. How can I participate?

Please check out our letter kit program. We'll mail you 20 stamps, 20 pre-printed letters, and 20 envelopes free of charge. One individual can request a kit once every 30 days.

If you want to write more letters, you may want to ask a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member for printing help. Also, you may be able to print letter templates at your local public library.

Another option is uploading your PDF and getting printed letter templates delivered to your home or available for pick up. This is not free, but there may be discounts, and selecting standard paper and black-and-white printing offers the best pricing. We've seen prices as low as about $0.09 per page, and many vendors offer free shipping.

  • Local copy shop: Support your local independent print and copy shop, if you have one! Contact them to ask about pick up or delivery options.
  • Fedex Office: Be sure to change the "paper" option from the default to "Standard White".
  • Staples: Choose the "Simple Print" and change the "paper" option from the default to "24lb Basic White."
  • UPS Stores Stores: Select "Copies and Quick Prints." You'll be prompted to enter your ZIP code to find your closest store.

If you adopted voters and none of the above is an option for you, please email the Helpdesk at help@votefwd.org. We should be able to connect you with a volunteer who can print letters for you if there is time left in the campaign. 

Alternatively, the Helpdesk can release your voters so another volunteer can write to them.