I can't print my letters. What do I do?

Try these steps:

  1. Log in to your Vote Forward account, and go to your dashboard. If you haven’t already, adopt a batch of voters.
  2. Look for the blue “Download and print these letters” button, which will download a PDF file of letter templates to your computer.
  3. Find that PDF file. Each computer system is different, but it’s often in a folder named “Downloads”, or it may appear automatically. (The filename will be something like 2020-10-17-votefwd-letters-batch-of-20.pdf, though with today’s date.)
  4. Print that file! Voter names and addresses, a return address to use, and a Voter List cover sheet are included.
  5. Mark these voters' letters "prepared" on your dashboard, using the gray "Finished? Mark all letters are prepared" button" before adoptin more voters.

If this doesn't work, log out of Vote Forward, and then log in again to kick off a new session before trying to download and print again.