Can I type my letters instead?

Vote Forward’s letter templates are not easily editable, and we do not provide letter templates in Word or Google Docs because we intend for all volunteers to handwrite portions of their letters, knowing that it is the handwritten component of these letters that makes them so effective in increasing voter turnout. Vote Forward uses a hybrid typed/handwritten approach to include important information and make the process quick for volunteers, while also making it personal for the letter recipient. Short handwritten messages are fine if you’re concerned about your penmanship or have limited time. 

Once you print your letter templates, you'll see an area to handwrite your personal message about voting. Here's a link to the instruction page, which may be helpful as you get started. We ask all volunteers to prepare the letters as the instructions describe because Vote Forward campaigns are randomized experiments. Keeping the format consistent ensures the integrity of these experiments so we can accurately assess the impact.