What’s the difference between the statewide and congressional district-wide campaigns?

Vote Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, so by definition most of our work is nonpartisan. However, as a (c)(4), Vote Forward is permitted to do some political work. In 2022, our political work will include running two types of Political Campaigns. One type targets congressional districts where it’s critical to encourage voters to turn out for a specific U.S. House of Representatives race. The other type targets voters across states where there may be an important statewide race or enough congressional district-level races that it makes sense to target voters across the state. Because we're writing letters for the November 8 election, our campaigns use "new" districts that resulted from redistricting. All of Vote Forward’s Political Campaigns target voters with partisanship scores indicating their likelihood to vote for Democrats. For details on competitive districts near you, just enter your zip code in the Swing District Finder built by our friends at Swing Left. While there will many Political Campaigns available in 2022, most of our letter writing will be part of our Social Campaigns, which target voters from underrepresented communities.