Why do I see that some Social and Political campaigns are marked “Priority”?

Vote Forward has marked campaigns “Priority” because we want to direct as many volunteers as possible to them. We’ve chosen all our 2022 campaigns to reach places where your letters can make a difference for voter turnout, but these Priority campaigns are where we believe your letters might be especially important.

In our 2022 Social campaigns, we’ve prioritized campaigns in three states where data shows that the youth vote might be especially powerful this year. Since our Social campaigns in 2022 are aimed at reaching young voters of color, we think that these Priority campaigns will help your letters have the biggest impact. We used Tufts University’s Youth Electoral Significance analysis to help us choose these three states.

In our 2022 Political campaigns, we’ve prioritized campaigns in five U.S. House districts where the Democratic candidate has a real shot at winning, but where they are currently being outspent by their opponent. Your letters to Democratic-leaning voters are especially important in these critical swing races. We have also prioritized two experimental Vote Forward Labs campaigns, where we are trying out innovative tactics in Nevada and Pennsylvania.