I have too many voters. What should I do?

Once voters are adopted, they can only be removed manually by our Helpdesk team, and they need to be in the “Letters to Print and Prepare” column of your dashboard. If they are marked “prepared” or “sent,” our system won't allow them to be relinquished. To request removal:

  1. Log in to your account, and go to your dashboard to confirm that the voters you want removed are in your “Letters to Print and Prepare” column. 
  2. Mark only the voters whose letters you have completed or plan to complete as “prepared.” They will move to the “Letters You’ve Prepared” column. If  you accidentally move a letter you do not plan to prepare to your “Letters You’ve Prepared” column, you can use the left-facing arrow button beside the voter's name to move it back. Here's a quick screen-grab that shows how those buttons work.   
  3. Email the Helpdesk at help@votefwd.org to let us know that the voters to remove are in your “Letters to Print and Prepare” column, and that you’ve marked the voters you want to keep “prepared.” We’ll manually remove the not-yet-prepared voters from your account.